Friday, July 31, 2015

Maa humko apne charno ki sewa de - Happy Guru Purnima!

On this blessed day, we honor the lotus feet of our Guru Maa Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa, whose mercy and grace free us from our sorrows and give us the strength bear the challenges of life. Adi Shankara, the celebrated expounder of Adwaita Vedanta, wrote a stotra in praise of the guru's padukas or sandals as one cannot gain knowledge without the grace of the guru.  

Guru Purnima falls on Friday, July 30- 31 this year. The occasion celebrates not just human gurus who are alive and those who are no longer in their bodies but the 'guru tatva' - the guru principle present in the universe. The guru tatva is God himself as it is all pervading - it is present everywhere. Animals, plants, experiences, minerals and even enemies have something to teach us. There is no gyaan without guru. And for one who raises his awareness, the guru tattva present everywhere takes him towards the Supreme Light that is God Himself.

So we take this opportunity to praise teachers in all forms and of all kinds who teach us important lessons in life, and impart insights that make our mental, intellectual and spiritual growth possible. We thank our great Rishis who revealed to us the astounding truths of the Vedas. We thank Maharishi Panini the great grammarian of Sanskrit. We thank masters like Sri Madhavacharya, Sri Ramanujacharya, Sri Vallabhacharya, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Adi Sankara whose teachings, paramparas and sadhus have kept the flame of sanatana dharma alive against all odds.

May we continue to be blessed with the refuge of Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa's feet and serve Sanatan Dharma to the best of our abilities. Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa ki Jai! Guru Tatva ki Jai! Satya Sanatan Hindu Dharma ki Jai!

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